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Your 4* Hotel in the Zillertal - the Hotel with Music & Entertainmentguarantee

Lets start with the important details: Your 3 Brücken-Principles or shall we better say, why you should choose our Hotel in Mayrhofen and no other.

And of course there is a lot more to tell about us:

Parties can not only be celebrated in our Brück'n Stadl, also our cozy Hotelbar invites you for a Aperitiv,  a cold beer or also a Special Zillertaler Schnapps. So for everyone who also enjoys a more quite atmosphere than in the Brück'n Stadl our Hotelbar is the best place to go. Don't miss it out!

Also on the culinary side we have a lot to offer. As everyone knows: the way to a man's (woman's) heart goes through his stomach. So that why it is especially important for us that our guests can enjoy the wonderful Austrian dishes in our À la Carte Restaurant. We always try to include as many local products as possible, just like our own meat or dairy products from our farm. So our guests can enjoy the typical Zillertaler dishes like "Käsespätzle", but also fresh salads and other Austrian and international dishes and pasta dishes.


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Not to forget in this introduction is of course the Farm in Ginzling, which is especially for Hansjörg Schneeberger a hidden treasure. Up there he and also his grandchildren enjoy the farm life to its fullest, with all the different animals and beautiful landscape. But also our guests profit from the farm, as many of our dairy products as well as meat products come from here.

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