Your Hotel in Mayrhofen with Live Music and the best entertainment in town

The party place to be!

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep...

Every hotel has its own values, on which it is based on and on which it focuses and acts. Our hotel in Mayrhofen is signified by the values fun, experience and entertainment. On these values are the basis, on which we build up at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen. That was quite clearly from the early stages onwards, because these three merits lie very close at our, Family Schneeberger's, hearts and probably also in our genes. So we transfer our values from one generation to the next to preserve the heart of our hotel and business.


To have fun every day of your holidays, no matter if up on the mountain or in the valley, whilst skiing or "Apres Skiing" - having fun & holidays at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen belong together and there are no two ways about that! Most of us have to be serious quite a lot in their everyday life, so we should use especially our holidays to enjoy yourself & to giggle all day long - we all know Laughter is the best medicine! No matter if you want to party like a rockstar at our Brück'n Stadl or enjoy a fine drink in our wine cellar - we have the right location for everyone!

Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen


An experience is all about living your life to the fullest, that way you can experience something new, something extraordinary and special. Something so different to everyday life,  something to relax and unwind. Like savouring the beautiful nature, spend precious time with friends and family or indulge in the amazing Zillertaler cuisine. In everyday life one week passes after the next and you come to the point, where you ask yourself: Where did all the time go? The time is spend without really life in it and that is the point where it is time for a change of scene - a time for holidays to bring more life to your days. To offer our guests new experiences - every time anew! That is what we stand for.


Entertainment cheers everyone's hearts and just after the motto: a little party killed nobody we celebrate the parties as we have the chance to. In summer time with daily live music with Bands from the Zillertal and in Winter with our Apres Ski Parties - we are the place to be, no matter if summer or winter! But don't worry there is also time to recover and revive :-) But entertainment also means meeting new people, make new contacts, get to know interesting people and who knows, maybe also your husband or wife - to be is waiting for your!



Entertainment Hotel

And to give the three values fun, experience and entertainment a stage we opened Niki's Schirmbar in 1991 and after many construction works, we decided in 2010 to take it down and build the new "Brück'n Stadl" as you can see it today. More information regarding the history of the Brück'n Stadl you find here. But not only the Brück'n Stadl mirrors these values, starting with Check-in and ending with Check-Out we and our team try to live them as best possible for our guests and it would be pleasure for us to show it to you!

Nik P. live at Brück'n Stadl
Antonia aus Tirol live at Brück'n Stadl
Apres Ski Brück'n Stadl
Antonia aus Tirol live at Brück'n Stadl
Apres Ski Brück'n Stadl
Apres Ski Brück'n Stadl
Apres Ski Brück'n Stadl