Seminars & Events at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen

From Workshop to Weddings - we have the perfect Location for you!

You are planning an event you do not find the right place for it? You find it quite difficult that all important points like accessibility, size or accommodation are covered? Ok, problem solved - at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen we have the perfect location for you!

Our newly renovated dining room with space for up to 130 people offers the best possibility for an unforgettable party and event. From Weddings, to workshops and from Christenings to Seminars, we cater all your events. Of course you do not have to come with 130 people, due to the many different areas in the dining room it is also optimal for smaller groups.

Event location in Mayrhofen
The Dining room...
Seminar in Mayrhofen
... your event location!

We also take care of all the catering, from breakfast to a midnight snack - we make it all happening. Our spacious buffet area offers the possibility to arrange all the food and catering just how you wish and how you have imagined it, but no worries, we of course help you with some tips and ideas. For seminars or workshop we also prepare snacks and sweets for coffee breaks.

Seminar & Event in Mayrhofen
Best catering guaranted!
Buffet area
The buffet area

A party or event without some music is only half the fun, so we can also organise music like a band or a DJ for you or also just help you to find the most suitable music. And where there is music playing, there are also dancers, so there is of course a dancing floor in the dining room as well. Furthermore the Brück'n Stadl was well appreciated, especially by the companies who held a seminar with us. They told us that after a long day with a lot of information, it was the best closing to party and celebrate together, in the summer with live music and in the winter time at the apres ski party. It kind of brought them closer together and that should probably be the overall goal of every company event!

... at some point every party-goer needs a bed and a good night of sleep and that is what we offer you as well at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen. No matter if you need only a few or many rooms, at Hotel Brücke we have a bed for everyone up to 130 people. We can also make a package offer for you!

But of course every event is pretty individual, that is why we are happy to hear from you and plan the perfect event for YOU!

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Make your event to an unforgetable highlight and profit from our unique package!