The Brück'n Stadl in Mayrhofen - It's sheer pandemonium!

Events & Parties in Mayrhofen

No time for boredom?


Great, than you are in the right hotel in right place, because we make sure that you have fun and enjoy yourself and that boredom will never reach you. That is what we at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen & Brück'n Stadl provide for our guests. We do that for a simple reason, the typical Tyrolean hospitality is part of us, we do really live it and we would love to share that with you!

Winter in Mayrhofen

Im Winter

That's the time all hell is let loose on by our daily Apres Ski Parties. We know that Mulled wine and Jägerbombs belong to ski holidays just as the binding on your skies, that is we celebrate every day a huge party with our top DJ's until the late hours. Having fun, meeting new people, having a drink or two - we hope to see you!

Haderlumpen from the Zillertal

Im Summer

Time is getting more original - in the Zillertaler way! Every day a different local group from the Zillertal is presenting how traditional folk music is played in Mayrhofen. Every group in their own way and style, but definitely all worth to see, moreover to experience! 


The best is yet to come: No matter if in Winter at the Apres Ski Parties or in Summer at the live music – our guests never pay entry!

Party in Mayrhofen
Micaela Schäfer at Brück'n Stadl
Party at Zillertal
Antonia aus Tirol live at Brück'n Stadl
Party in Mayrhofen
Antonia from Tyrol
Party in Mayrhofen
Party in Mayrhofen
Entertainment in Mayrhofen
Die Trucks from the Zillertal
Entertainment Zillertal
Zillertaler Mander live at Brück'n Stadl

But what is the story behind the Brück'n Stadl?

Here a quick history lesson!

As Family Schneeberger always loved to throw a party, to sing and dance and simply celebrate they soon had a good reputation around Mayrhofen for their hospitality and entertainment. They used to celebrate at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen at the "Stammtisch" - that is a big table, where basically foreigners become friends. But sooner or later the Stammtisch was to small as always more and more people were visiting us. So it was time to think about something else!

And it was Hansjörg Schneeberger who was to first with a great idea on his hands. His plan was to build a big round umbrella bar, where everyone can celebrate together. And he also did not forget all the dancing fans, so he engaged the service of some young local bands to play some Zillertaler Live Music for his guests. That basically marked the birth of the Brück'n Stadl in 1991 as we know it today. The first name was "Niki's Schirmbar" named after his oldest daughter Nicola. Back then it was a very simple round and yellow umbrella bar, directly next to our Hotel in Mayrhofen, which became a popular hotspot in the Zillertal.

So in summer time there where many young bands, most of them pretty unknown, who tried their luck on our small stage. One of the first bands, that started in the Brück'n Stald were the Zillertaler Haderlumpen - today touring through Europe from one TV Show to the next. In Winter there were no turntables as we see them today. Instead of a laptop, the DJs back then came with their huge CD-cases, but as soon as they started with their show the Brück'n Stadl was on fire.

As this idea turned out to be so popular it became always more busy and soon it was too small again, so many annexes were made and finally in 2010 the Brück'n Stadl was knocked down and totally new rebuild. It is now at the same spot than back then, directly next to our Hotel in Mayrhofen, full of stories and experiences, full of laughter, filled with a lot of music and especially full of personalities. Regulars, who were with us from the early stages and did hold faith with us, friends who were on our side from the beginning onwards and of course all music fans, who made the Stadl to what it is today: Our Centrepiece!

Of course you will find all party pics, news and info's on our Website:
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