Enojoy the Tyrolean Hospitality in our Restaurant in Mayrhofen

Delicacies – a combination of tradition and regionality

'There is no sincerer love than the love of food.'
George Bernard Shaw

Our job is simply to serve you food to love in our Restaurant in Mayrhofen!

Next to your hotel guests we of course welcome also all guests in our restaurant in Mayrhofen, who are not staying in our hotel - or maybe just not yet. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our traditional Austrian cuisine. Our three typical Tyrolean "Parlours" invite you to enjoy yourself, enjoy a good feast and have a great time with your near and dear ones. Our personal Restaurant recommendation is to taste are the typical dishes from the Zillertal, just as the Zillertaler Käsespätzle (a cheese & pasta dish) or for our sweeties the Kaiserschmarren (a thick sliced pancake). Give it a try - it is worth it!

Additional to all our regional specialities we also offer your guests a huge variety of international dishes. Next to pasta and pizza our kitchen team also creates delicious steak dishes and many more. Let us surprise you - we cater for all tastes!

We at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen especially lay our focus with every dish we serve on the quality and regionality of the products. Here we take advantage of our great region in Tyrol and Austria, we really profit from the many farmers who offer high quality products. To all our deliverers we have a long-term relationship since many years and we trust in their products and their quality and until now we were never disappointed. Next to all conventional purchased products we also use food from our own farm in Ginzling. Here we take care of cows and pigs, whose meat takes its way to the plates of our guests. But not only meat products are gained from our farm, also many dairy products originate from here and let's be honest: what is better than a glass of fresh milk?

The Farm - the centrepiece of Owner Hansjörg Schneeberger

"Where the world is still in Order" - that is how this little piece of earth could be described. Our farm is located shortly before "Ginzling", a small village, 1000 m above sea level. Lush meadows, crystal clear water and the cleanest air are best fundament for the health of our animals and the guarantee for high quality prudcts. Here we take care of our cows and pigs throughout the year, for some time also horses, goats and sheep are our guests here.

But not only our animals feel like in heaven up there - also we and our guests are fascinated by the impressing nature every time we are up at the farm. The overwhelming rock walls, reaching up to the highest mountain peaks or the familiar smell of the woods always reminds us of how lucky we are to live in such a heavenly place. Here you can still find a quiet place in the so busy world we are living in and were more are more people are really seeking for an untouched place like our farm, where all you can hear is a little river close by and the bells of our cows in the distance. That's how paradise must be like!

But running a farm is also really hard work, but Hansjörg Schneeberger does it with such a huge amount of passion that he infects everyone around him and this passion motivates all our helpers at times of immense workload e.g. at the time when the hay has to be mown.  That is always happening in the summer months and here we need every help that we can get, but once that is done there is also the time for the "Eihager" - a typical party when all the hay is brought in.

Hansjörg on this favourite spot
Kids' paradise!


We are very happy to show you around on our Farm with its cows and horses. Especially popular are our dwarf goats by our little.

Enjoy a cozy drink in good company!

But not only do we have a restaurant, we also have a cosy Hotelbar, famous for its lovely atmosphere, with relaxed people. For all who enjoy a little break from the party next door at Brück'n Stadl, our hotelbar is just the right place for a conversation, for laughter and to meet new people. It would be  not the first time that strangers become friends at this place! Come in and enjoy a glass (or two) of our Wines or of the delicious Zillertal beer, long drinks, aperitifs or digestives. We also offer a variety of different liqueurs, shots and not to forget the choice of original Zillertaler Schnapps and who can say no to that one?

For all wine lovers and maybe soon to be wine lovers we have built a new wine cellar in 2015. Here we really serve fine wines! International wines from Australia to South America are on the menu as well as special whiskeys, rums, gins, grappa and cognac. And how about a well seasoned cigar from our humidor? No problem at Hotel Brücke in Mayrhofen!